Upgrade your scanning electron microscope with REBEKA™
Crytur introduces a brand new ready-to-use retractable BSE detector for SEM upgrades.
Ionizing radiation and neutron imaging has never been easier with CRYPIX™
Crytur commercially launches a compact photon-counting pocket size device delivering a viable solution for many industries. Whether you are looking for X-ray imaging or particle tracking, you can be sure that Crypix™ will never fail to meet your expectations.
Bigger is better! Crytur started growing garnet crystals with LARGE DIAMETERS.
YAG:Ce scintillating screens are now also available in diameters over 100 mm. Large diameter crystals combined with exceptional surface flatness present a unique advancement available only at Crytur.
CRYPHOSPHOR - NEW monocrystalline luminophor for high-power LEDs
Crytur presents a brand new approach to LED phosphors for blue high power LEDs. Discover the potential of efficient light conversion.
CRYTUR introduces new fast and heavy scintillator
Crytur introduces new scintillating single-crystal LuAG:Pr. It combines a high-density matrix of LuAG and Pr3+ ion which is a fast and efficient luminescence center. LuAG:Pr has higher light output compared to BGO. It has comparable absorption as BGO. The decay time is 20ns. Hence, it can be used for high-count rate spectroscopic measurements of high-energy gamma rays.
Yb:YAG is well suited for high power laser applications.
CRY18 - The new scintillation material
CRY18 is a new mixed rare-earth silicate single crystal of medium density featuring high light yield and short decay time.
CRY19 - The new scintillation material
CRY19 is a new mixed rare-earth silicate single crystal of high density featuring high light yield and short decay time.
LuAG:Ce - The new scintillation material
LuAG:Ce, Lutetium Aluminum Garnet activated by cerium (chemical formula Lu3Al5O12), is a relatively dense and fast scintillation material.


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